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wesleigh siobhan


A Wesleigh Siobhan Production produces audiobooks and audio dramas featuring Black Voices and celebrating Black Love. 


AWSP provides narration, production, and distribution allowing their listeners a perfectly curated audio experience. 


Our founder Wesleigh Siobhan brings her extensive narration expertise to the company - with over 90 titles published in multiple sub-genres ranging from Contemporary Romance to Mystery and Thriller. 


Whether you are an emerging or veteran author, A Wesleigh Siobhan Production provides a multitude of services tailored to your needs, including:  

  • Content acquisition and distribution

  • Audio Prep

  • In house recording and production

  • Marketing 


Love is an ageless challenge. So in the world of audiobooks, the tour guide matters. Interested in becoming a narrator? We can help with that too! Through coaching, sample audits and manuscript preparation, we’ll get you on the right path to landing your first (or next) narration project! 


A Wesleigh Siobhan Production is dedicated to supporting and discovering independent authors and narrators. 


The following books are produced by A Wesleigh Siobhan Production. 

Weekend on the Isle by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Note: This is a follow-up story to No Holds Barred. I encourage you to listen to that book first before listening to Weekend on the Isle.

Deciding they need quality time away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives, Hunter takes Camilla to St. Lucia, where the two don’t come up for air as they indulge in a weekend on the isle.'





A Marriage Contract by Shay Davis


Boring. Invisible. Pretty for a plus size girl. Those were all the things I felt about myself, thanks to my chosen career as an accountant and society’s depiction of the perfect female. For once, I wanted to be something, no someone, different. So, I booked a trip to Vegas for my birthday. Then, walks in Soul Matthias, treating me and my body as anything but ordinary. He lit a fire inside of me. However, it wasn’t real.

Player. Bad boy. High risk. That’s what the blogs depicted me as. That’s what baseball owners banked on to lowball my contract extension. I didn’t care about social media, but I definitely cared about my money. I had to get my act together. Then, struts in Alexa Livingston. A breath of fresh air, someone completely different than what I had ever been used to. But what we had wasn’t real. It was just a marriage contract. Or was it?

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