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Wesleigh Siobhan

Love is an ageless challenge of a journey.  So in the world of audiobooks, the tour guide matters. Wesleigh Siobhan brings innocence, experience, depth and spontaneity to the romantic escape. Black Romance offers an escape to Utopia.   As a narrator, Wesleigh Siobhan is a gatekeeper into Romantic escapism.  

Her titles range from Young Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Urban, Motorcycle Club, LGBTQ, and Thriller, with characters spanning from youthful nerd, to aspiring business woman and even deadly assassin.  Her quirky personality, mature perspective, youthful energy and sexy voice have no limits.  


It’s no coincidence that she has narrated over 50 titles. She has worked on projects with Tantor, BlackStone, Audible, Recorded Books and several independent projects. Wesleigh Siobhan takes listeners on aural journeys of love, sex, joy, hope, to the satisfaction of the Happily Ever After. 

Romance Narrator

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